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iBen ROBOT belongs to Beijing Huiwen Science & Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. Established at Mar. 2016.
The NLP and AI Engine technologies are developed by Beijing Huiwen Science & Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. AI Engine has fully abilities on Intelligent answering, Knowledge showing, Emotion analyzing, also, it combines Facial Recognition, Speech Recognition & Speech Combination and even on Multi-mode message processing.
Based on AI Engine technology and the requirement of Online Intelligent Information Processing, we have developed several types of products including Online Intelligent Customer Service/types of Serving Robots. We have strong abilities on H/W and S/W developing and customizing.

iBen Robot Intelligent Dry Mist Robot

Intelligent dry mist robot could atomize a variety of disinfectants into super dry mist

and disperse to disinfection area in high-speed airflow. It could reach disinfection area

by autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance and movement, and disinfect the target 360°.

It could also support iPad control for quick and central disinfection.

Using this disinfection method by robot could save manpower and lower the infection risk effectively; it could make disinfection more efficient and improve safety greatly.


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