China Life joins hands with IBEN Intelligence “Smart Pension” to help “Old and ependent”

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Signing up again! IBEN Intelligence “Makes New Makeup” for Mengniu!
July 7, 2020

 According to data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs: As of the end of 2016, China’s elderly population aged 60 and above reached 230 million, accounting for 16.7% of the total population. It is estimated that by 2050, this number will rise to 484 million, accounting for 34.1%. How to cope with the continuous acceleration of the aging process of China's population and achieve smart old-age care? IBEN Intelligence robot will reveal the answer for you at Tianjin Guoshou Jiayuan·Lejing Future Life Exhibition Center!

 Warm greetings to make technology services warmer   "Hello, welcome to Guoshou Jiayuan·Lejing Future Life Exhibition Center!" IBEN Intelligence sends the first greetings to people who come to visit and consult every day, and can also automatically identify important leaders through face recognition and other technologies, Provide more personalized guidance and reception services, warm and thoughtful service, let AI technology truly enter the vision of the old people for the first time.

  Talking about the "Future Life" of China Life Jiayuan·Lejing
    IBEN Intelligence is mainly responsible for the explanation work of the future life exhibition center. Through intelligent navigation with obstacle avoidance function and natural and smooth anthropomorphic voice explanation, from the nursing experience area to the health management experience area to the rehabilitation experience area, the national life Jia The scenes of the future life of the park and music are displayed in front of everyone.

  The robot can also control the related equipment of the exhibition center, which is also a new function customized by IBEN Intelligence for China Life. When IBEN Intelligence explained to the rehabilitation experience area, the vibration training device was activated through the voice password to make the instrument simulation work more intuitive and vividly show the whole process of the rehabilitation experience, thereby conveying the concept of humanized and sustainable elderly care and health management service.

 Guoshou Jiayuan·Lejing is China Life's first healthcare and elderly care community. In the future, the Life Exhibition Center is a three-dimensional presentation of the future life of this community. It is the epitome of the project's cutting-edge health care concept and full-service system. When the community is fully completed in the future, it will become a highlight of the Tianjin pension plan.

  IBEN Intelligence Robot has settled in the Future Life Exhibition Center and has truly shortened the distance between technology and the elderly in the simplest, most direct, most interesting, and most effective way in communicating with everyone. It is a good start for the concept of smart old-age care to help China Life to create a new care-style life of “carefree old-age care, happy old-age care, healthy old-age care, smart old-age care, and customized old-age care”.

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