How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in Robotics

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Robots such as the iBen robot intelligent are well-known automated machines. There was a time when robots were developed for performing particular tasks. They were developed with no artificial intelligence (AI).

Now, AI is incorporated into robots, and they have reached to advanced level to perform multiple tasks and learn new things.

AI in robotics has helped robots to perform essential tasks. They also have human-like vision through which they can detect various items.

In today’s world, robots are developed through machine learning to train. To train their computer vision model, a huge dataset is used. Through this, they carry out actions efficiently.

AI used in Robotics:

To make a powerful robot, it is required that they should think on their own. This is the point where AI and robotics come together. The AI used in robotics not only helps in the model to perform different tasks but also makes machines intelligent enough to act in distinct scenarios.

Several functions are integrated into robots such as computer vision, motion control, grasping the objects, and training data to understand physical and logistical data patterns, so that they can act accordingly.

Labeled training data is used to train the AI model to understand the scenarios and recognize various objects through the algorithms of machine learning.

Robots should understand the world around them. This understanding will come from AI-enabled recognition and natural language processing. This helps machines to understand the data and identify the patterns.

Through advanced technologies, robots have gained freedom. The need for humans to plan and manage navigation is reduced. AI and machine learning have helped robots to analyze their surroundings and guide their movement. This helps robots to avoid obstacles.

Image recognition plays an important role in creating a huge number of datasets. They help the robots to recognize different objects and perform their task in the right manner.

Automatic agricultural technology robot arm watering plants tree

Some applications of robots in AI:

Healthcare Robots:

Healthcare robots are playing a big role in providing an automated solution to medicines and other fields in the industry. Big data is used by AI companies to train robots for various purposes.

An intelligent spraying robot system is used to sanitize and disinfect the area. AI in robotics makes these machines more intelligent in performing tasks without human help.

Agricultural Robots:

Robots in agriculture help farmers improve crop yield and boost productivity. They are playing a huge role in the cultivation and harvesting the crops.

In agriculture, AI robots perform the plucking of vegetables and fruits, spraying of pesticides, and monitor the plant’s condition.

Warehouse Robots:

Every warehouse needs a human to manage an extensive amount of inventory, mainly kept by e-commerce companies, to deliver their products or move from one place to another.

Robots in the warehouse are trained to manage these inventories with capability. They carry the items carefully from one place to another and reduce human effort in performing these repetitive tasks.

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