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Most of the technological advancements in recent years have led to the development of many robots. Many robots, including disinfectant service robots, are developing in many fields including agriculture.

Agriculture is becoming a high-tech industry, and technology is evolving rapidly. In agriculture and farming, much evolutionary robotics use machine vision technology to:   

  • Avoid hazards
  • Identify crops
  • Determine if they are ready to be harvested.

Machine vision involves one or more cameras feeding information to the robot. This allows the robot to locate and access the surrounding crops. This technology allows robots to perform tasks like:

  • Growth monitoring
  • Week picking
  • Sorting
  • Harvesting
  • Packing

Advanced location systems like GPS are also possible in robots. They often rely on GPS information to position and locate themselves on farms. Here are some tasks that are performed by robots in the field.


To avoid obstacles during the navigation in the field:

  • Farm equipment
  • Machine vision
  • Movement sensors

Work efficiently and faster than compared to humans. They create a virtual 3D model of the surface. They navigate freely because of the help of high-resolution cameras. Their movements are not automatic because they depend on the parameters they are programmed at.


Nowadays, automated drone seeders are used mostly in the forestry industries. The possibility of wider adoption is on the rise. Drone planting allows for the replanting of difficult-to-reach locations without endangering workers. With a team of two operators and drones that can plant 400,000 trees each day, they can also plant more effectively.


A constant struggle for farmers is to combat weeds and make sure the crops have space to grow properly. Robots pluck out the individual weeds with the help of computer vision and a variety of mechanical tools. A single efficient robot can weed the outcrops to feed a medium-sized town.


Smart sprayers such as a spraying robot system are used for spraying on crops. These smart sprayers are paired with computer vision cameras that identify weed for targeted applications. Advanced systems in robots identify specific plants and activate only appropriate application nozzles. This helps in:

  • Less waste
  • Reduced pesticides resistance
  • Efficient application across the fields


Many fruits and vegetables demand an intensive harvesting program. A lot of labor and time is required to harvest these crops. If these are not harvested at the right time, these crops will be wasted. Harvesting is quite energetic. Most of the farmers run short of workers because of the nature of this task. Robots have helped a lot in harvesting. The evolving range of robots is helping a lot of farmers in harvesting challenges.

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