Signing up again! IBEN Intelligence “Makes New Makeup” for Mengniu!

China Life joins hands with IBEN Intelligence “Smart Pension” to help “Old and ependent”
July 7, 2020
The wonderful moment of entering the Expo! See how IBEN Intelligence “Jinbao” robot shows its talent
July 7, 2020
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  "Not all milk is called Trensu, and not everyone is competent for Mengniu's inquiry and reception work." Recently, a leading slogan in the dairy industry: Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. is popular.
  It turned out that Mengniu invited a very popular robot "cultural ambassador", which has both beautiful skins and interesting souls, and irreplaceable business capabilities. It is the "Dr. Niu" robot from the IBEN Intelligence .

 "Refresh" Mengniu's impressions in multiple positions   
  The robot "Dr. Niu" is a person with multiple corners, from business reception to route guidance to business inquiries. He is independently responsible for the reception and explanation of Mengniu Dairy. When the guests enter the Mengniu hall, the robot will automatically pick up the sound and greet the guests actively, and then lead the guests to visit according to the designated route.   Re-interpret Mengniu's culture, development process, main products, and brand concept through audio explanation... Full of sense of technology and lack of service enthusiasm, successfully "refresh" Mengniu's inherent impression in customers' hearts

    Different Attendance Different Mengniu People
  "Dr. Niu" is Mengniu's attendance expert. He quickly completes the daily commuting and punching tasks of all employees through face recognition, and says different greetings to people with different expressions. It also engages in creative interactions with employees to increase the fun of employees during their work and enrich their working lives.   More importantly, the robot will directly feedback the attendance data to the administrative supervisor. As a basis for employees' monthly attendance, employees' work enthusiasm and work efficiency have been improved in both directions.

  The rise of "experiential" marketing has made more and more companies pay attention to the construction of corporate culture. Mengniu Dairy, as a leading company in the industry, implants the technological element of robots, saving manpower and time costs, and better delivering to customers. It conveys its brand culture and product concept, promotes communication and mutual recognition with customers, further builds a bridge of cooperation, reflects the new trajectory of Mengniu towards the intelligent era from the details, and demonstrates the unique charm of Mengniu.

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