The wonderful moment of entering the Expo! See how IBEN Intelligence “Jinbao” robot shows its talent

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   The second expo is here! It is reported that this year's expo will further optimize on-site services, comprehensively upgrade the fixed signs at the venue, and comprehensively strengthen the comprehensive guide service. 20 small and intelligent "jinbao" robots fluent in both Chinese and English are exactly a "hard core" team among the "workers" responsible for on-site guidance.

The bilingual Q&A between Chinese and English is not NG "Jinbao" four core services take you to the Expo
  The foolproof "Jinbao" robot "work station" is very conspicuous, distributed in the main function points such as the comprehensive service area, VIP room, consultation office and crowded places, mainly providing reception guidance, bilingual consultation question and answer, standby broadcast, man-machine Interactive and other services.

   "Hello, Jinbao! Where is the translation service point?" "It is my pleasure to serve you. The location of the translation service point is displayed on the map for you. You can follow the icon to go to the nearest translation service point..." I saw that Ms. Jin, who had just arrived at the conference site, successfully arrived at the nearby translation service point under the guidance of "Jin Bao".
  "Jinbao", who works in the consultation office on the second floor, is too busy to receive exhibitors from all over the world, providing you with information about the business exhibition, national exhibition, conference event arrangement, commercial plaza, and transportation of the seven major exhibition areas. Methods such as screen inquiry and voice consultation service

 As the "service role" of this international event, "Jin Bao"'s English expression ability is even more amazing, and the quick response did not lose the human service personnel at the same time. At the same time, for some English speakers with a relatively heavy accent, you can also pass Touch the screen to query related information.
  The lovely "Jin Bao" is even a small propaganda expert. It automatically broadcasts the welcome message every 15 minutes and the promotional video of the second Expo, which left a deep impression on the audience.

   In addition to "conventional skills", "Jinbao" is also a "talking box", not only good at local tastes but also boasting wildly, causing everyone to watch and interact.
  "Singing" famous enterprise IBEN Intelligence "flower" entered the Expo
  In the major "service fortresses", there are IBEN Intelligence "jin bao" to maintain order, and other members of the IBEN Intelligence in the exhibition hall to help famous enterprises. Entering Hall 7.1, in front of the booth of Sanofi, the world's leading medical and health enterprise, IBEN Intelligence is receiving guests from all over the world and presenting Sanofi's scientific and technological health concept in the exchange and interaction.

   Of course, as the world's first national-level exhibition with the theme of imports, off-site services are also essential. On an opening day, at the departure floor on the second floor of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, IBEN Intelligence visited China Mobile's 5G Expo In the high-definition live room, CCTV will "call" outside the venue, and CCTV will broadcast the whole process. At the same time, it will cooperate with volunteers to provide location guidance and other services for passengers going to and from the Expo.

  The birth of the custom robot "Jinbao" of the second China International Fair will mean another extension of the customization field of IBEN Intelligence robots. The help of standard products is also the favor of enterprise customers for IBEN Intelligence. At present, the Expo is continuing, and IBEN Intelligence will provide intelligent and convenient services for more exhibitors, and better convey the theme of "new era, sharing the future" into the Expo, so that the world can see the beauty of China's AI technology, Witness the growth of IBEN Intelligence.

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