Disinfection Robot

Prime Disinfectant Robotic System Provider

Beijing Huiwen Science & Technology (Group) Co., Limited initiated its venture in March 2016 as a disinfectant service robots provider to provide customers with a robotic disinfectant system. We strive to provide our clients with high-quality and cost-effective services for the robot disinfecting system.

We know that each organization has a different agenda and also has a specific size of operations. Therefore, we provide customized disinfectant service robots at one platform for trade and e-commerce industries.

Our robotic disinfectant system is basically professional sterilization and disinfection robot platform. It is a robot disinfecting system that provides an open technology platform and supports customizations. The robot disinfecting system is well-equipped with a new space dry mist sterilization system that has robust sterilization ability and quite low corrosion.

This disinfection robot system uses a specific disinfectant preparation for sterilizing in the shape of a dry mist. Via strong air supply, the dry mist is evaporated and diffused in the space, hence wholly killing the viruses in the air.

Disinfection Robot System Manufacturer in China

The dry mist disinfectant robotic system replaces traditional formal de-hydesterilization that has a strong sterilization capability. The sterilization efficacy of Bacillus stearothermophilus can reach logarithmic levels.

Our robot disinfecting devices are autonomous disinfectant service robots that can work on auto as per a settled disinfection route, fixed-points, setting time, multi-track mobile disinfection along with sterilization in the vast environment. It minimizes human power input with enhanced quality and work efficiency.

One of the benefits of using our robot disinfectant system is that it uses advanced detection and monitoring equipment to modify the intensity of the light emitted to suit different conditions. There are various variables that can impact the degree of disinfection needed: a UVC robot considers delivering a tailor-made dose of UVC that gives the appropriate level of cleaning required for a specific environment.

Our company’s environment is dynamic that ensures the core focus on the disinfection robot system to give our clients productivity, high-quality, market expertise through hiring specialized professionals. We have got the combination of skills, efforts, and experience that has caused our company to get lead at an astonishing pace to reach our goals.

Our aim is to provide our customers with disinfectant robotic system that is specially tailored to suit their needs and business applications. We are also a global disinfectant service robot provider that caters to extensive robot dimensions on one platform. Our sole emphasis is upon the quality, which we believe is focal. Therefore, we employ experienced professionals to progress at a faster pace.