Remarkable Iben Robot Intelligent Machine Provider

Beijing Huiwen Science & Technology (Group) Co., Limited (iBen Robot) initiated as an iBen Robot Intelligent provider in March 2016 as an AI technologies provider to provide its users with an intelligent spraying robot system. iBen Robots strives to provide its client with high-quality and affordable robots for software implementation. We are aware that each organization works with a different mindset and contains a distinct business operation size. Hence, we provide automated solutions at a single platform for trade e-commerce industries.
iBen robot intelligent has swiftly come forward and have joined the fight against the global pandemic. It is using the robust power of AI technology and has launched a new intelligent disinfection robot for the protection of the people's lives. As per the facial recognition, the robot guides the customers to pick the right product and receive accurate answers to better solve problems between strangers.

Best Iben Robot Intelligent Manufacturer in China

As per clients’, customization iBen robot intelligent can hold an ideal and intelligent lively Speech Present for clients. It better solves the errors in speaking. The sterilization activity is completed through diffusing micron-level liquid beads over those areas that need to be sterilized. When the droplet’s average diameter of is less than ten μm, the sprayed mist can loosely be said to be “dry”. Through iBen Robot Intelligent, the dry mist droplets will not settle and undergo array movements and also will not aggregate together to manufacture large droplets. The droplets will also bounce after contact with the surface, and won’t burst to wet the surface. This type of features defines that they can move to areas that are normally difficult to reach.
iBen Robot hunts and employs the best minds and sophisticated technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to manufacture autonomous systems, facial recognition, pattern recognition, situation awareness, and navigation. To provide a robotized machine's quality performance, we use the smart robot system platforms for robot development depending upon clients’ technical needs. We employ powerful frameworks along with cloud solutions for serving robots. We use online customer services to establish strong connections with our clients. With our iBen Robot, intelligent spraying robot, UVC robot, and disinfection robot services, we try to initiate a relationship that is based on efficient communication.

What can IBEN All-Channel Intelligent Customer Service do?

Provide the Most Valuable Omni-Channel Intelligent Customer Service Platform

These Industries are using IBEN Intelligence Omni-Channel Intelligent Customer Service



Financial loans, financial management, financial collection, etc.


Real Estate

Real estate additional services such as real estate sales, shop rental, real estate agency, decoration, etc.


The Internet

Media advertising, online promotion, partners, etc.



Insurance new customer development, old customer new product recommendation and other businesses



Education and training institutions, social self-enrollment



Online promotion promotion



4s Store Satisfaction, Return to Auto Show Invitation, Car Maintenance



After-sales service, satisfaction return visit survey, questionnaire survey, market survey