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Beijing Huiwen Science & Technology (Group) Co., Limited (iBen Robot) initiated its operations in March 2016 as an AI technologies provider to provide its users with an intelligent spraying robot system. iBen Robot strives to give its client high-quality and cost-effective robots for software implementation. We are aware that each organization works with a different mindset and contains a distinct business operation size. Hence, we provide automated solutions at a single platform for trade e-commerce industries.
Based upon AI Engine technology along with the need for online Intelligent Information Processing, iBen Robot has developed different types of robot systems, including Online Intelligent Customer Service and kinds of serving Robot, iBen Robot, smart robot system, UVC robot, and disinfectant service robots. We possess strong capabilities on H/W and S/W developing and customization.

Leading Intelligent Spraying Robot System Supplier

We provide capacity spraying robot systems for high finishing quality. Our choice of robots for different horizontal applications provides speed and flexibility together along with computerized precision, achieved in oscillating mode, operating with the load on the go. Our intelligent spraying robot system has axes that integrate alongside the best spraying technologies and maximum flexibility in handling work.
Configurations with robots work in motionless oscillating mode or bench mode. In a tracking manner with two robots operating on a similar object simultaneously, time for processing is reduced substantially.
Our primary aim is to offer our customers the spraying robot system that is specifically tailored to suit their business requirements and scenarios. iBen Robot is also a robot system provider for outsourcing that aids in outsourcing dimensions on one platform. We emphasize on quality, which is focal. Therefore, we hire expert professionals to progress at a rapid rate.
Our dedication and history to quality are phenomenal by our innovative vision keeping the future in mind. Founded as a spraying robot system manufacturer, iBen Robot has evolved into manufacturing and supplying products like service robot: explanation and service edition, large-screen version, standard edition, and Omni channel robot systems.
We have a transparent quality inspection process for our intelligent spraying robot system. The inspection process is all online, and the progress is clear, which can be monitored. Quality inspection results can be recorded in real-time.

Product Parameters

  • Moving Method: Self-planned path
    (covering an area of ​​25000㎡)
  • Moving Speed: 0-0.7m/s
  • Disinfection Efficiency: Complete 1000m³ disinfection in 15 minutes
  • Operating Hours: 5~6 hours when fully charged
    (automatic charging, unlimited battery life)
  • Spray Particle Size: ≤10μm
  • Spray Rate: 3L/h
  • Disinfection level: Efficient disinfection, up to 6-log level
  • Liquid volume: 15L
  • Temperature measurement distance: 0.8-2m
  • Temperature measurement error: ±0.3℃
  • Features

    High-Efficiency Disinfection Principle

    The sterilization process is completed by diffusing micron-level liquid beads on the area to be sterilized. When the average diameter of the droplet is less than 10 μm, the sprayed mist can be said to be “dry”. The dry mist droplets will not settle and undergo random movements, will not aggregate together to produce large droplets, will bounce after contact with the surface, and will not burst to wet the surface. This form of characteristics determines that they can move to Areas that are usually difficult to reach.

    Double Light Red External Thermal

    It is composed of dual-light infrared thermal imager + small dumb disinfection robot + PC, which can effectively perform high-precision temperature identification on the temperature distribution range of human body, and is especially suitable for group and individual body temperature screening in crowded scenes. And combined with AI algorithm to do portrait recognition and tracking, that is, accurately locate each face in the camera picture, and then combined with the infrared temperature lattice to calculate the temperature of the face (mostly forehead). The forehead can be positioned and the body temperature can be determined while the crowd is wearing a mask.

    Applicable Scene

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