Six Wheat Ring Array

360° sound source positioning, dual-channel echo noise cancellation,
5 meters far-field pickup


Smart chassis

Automated obstacle avoidance; 150m*150m super-large-
scale maps can be built to
ensure safety

Mechanical arm

Support 20 degrees of freedom of the robot arm, allowing users to enjoy a better quality human-computer interaction experience

27-inch super-large screen

Clearer content display,
more convenient operation

Personalized appearance customization

Core parameters


height: Robot height 150cm
Battery: Lithium battery: battery capacity ≥30Ah,
Working Time: charging time ≤6 hours, working time ≥8 hours;
support charging and shutdown charging
camera: 800W pixels, wide-angle camera
Host system: Android, Linux, IOS and other mainstream
operating systems
Display: 27-inch high-definition LCD screen, touch screen
operation and configuration
microphone: Six wheat ring array, 5 meters far-field sound
recognition, 360-degree sound source localization
Moving method: 2 driving wheels, 4 driven wheels
chassis: Support on-demand customization, with the
characteristics of the party system, in line with
the overall design style of the party

Emoji push: Supports more than 12 kinds of expressions
such as joy, anger, sorrow and joy
Weight requirements:Above 50kg, not easy to be pushed
down by children
emergency stop button:To ensure safety, the emergency
stop button can be pressed to stop the
robot from moving under abnormal conditions
network wifi: 2.5G/5, Modulation: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
transmission:Ethernet: 100M Ethernet Bluetooth: ver4.0, Modulation: FHSS, GFSK, DPSK, DQPSK
Human: When a person approaches, the robot
induction: automatically wakes up
shell material:ABS
Limb requirements:Flexible arm movements