Intelligent Quality Inspection Process

Close to the call center business, to achieve 100% coverage of voice files, greatly reducing the cost of manual quality inspection

Quality Inspection Model Establishment

According to the service language specifications provided by the quality inspection department, extract keywords and establish a corresponding quality inspection model

Core Function Display

Real-time efficient and transparent

The Listening Interface is more Intuitive

The listening interface displays in advance the quality checkpoint to which the recorded recording belongs. The quality check model hit content is presented in the form of bubbles on the audio and green background in the text. It can be clicked to jump and locate the quality checkpoint in time. The recording supports double-speed playback to improve the quality inspection efficiency

Recording Fast Clustering

Through the quality inspection model, you can quickly cluster the corresponding recordings, and you can view the recording model hits by expanding the button, quickly clarify the quality inspection points reflected in the recording, and move the cursor to the keyword to achieve voice context preview

Transparent Quality Inspection Process

The quality inspection process is all online, the quality inspection progress is clear and can be monitored, and the quality inspection results can be recorded simultaneously in real-time, which greatly improves the quality inspection efficiency and reduces the quality inspection cost