UVC Robot

We are one of the Dominant UVC Robot Manufacturers

Beijing Huiwen Science & Technology (Group) Co., Limited is one of the China-based uvc robot manufacturers focusing on the design and providing the UVC robots. We are represented in several regions through China through a rapidly expanding distributor’s network.

With one of the powerful UVC robot in the world, iBen Robot offers the next generation Intelligent robotic systems, smart robot, Intelligent spraying Robot, disinfection robot, and UVC robot system. Our patent-pending and patented technology for entire room treatment, a power boost, pushes our units beyond our competitors’ UV disinfection abilities. Also, automated dosing provides our customers with one of the effective and sophisticated solutions to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs).

UVC robot system kills germs in any environment by decomposing the DNA structures, thus reducing and preventing the spread of different bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms.

Leading UVC Robot Supplier in China

Our UVC robot system is utilized as a part of the daily cleaning cycle and aims at stopping and minimizing the spread of infectious diseases, bacteria, viruses, and other types of harmful organic organisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA-structure. The robot works safely and is reliable too. It cancels human error. Further, it is user friendly as it is designed to be functioned by every-day cleaning staff.

As one of the reputed UVC robot manufacturers, we have a family of germ-killing UV light robots. So, there is no guessing when disinfection is achieved. We believe that proper resources can provide impeccable support to our expertise with regards to providing rapid and logical solutions to our customers. Hence, we distribute each of our workers a computer unit and telecom. This ensures that whenever a customer asks assistance, it can be provided on time.

We online use customer services to establish strong connections with our clients. With our services, we try to initiate a relationship that is based on efficient communication. 

Often customers struggle to grasp the facilities that will be provided or any query regarding a particular service. In cases like these, a customer can easily reach our customer support staff. Our customer support staff is trained, and this is what makes us unique from other UVC robot manufacturers.